My Little Party Pony Plan

What do My Little Party Pony provide? What will My Little Party Pony do?

We provide the Indoor Riding Centre booked exclusively for you and your party guests. We will also provide the number of beautiful ponies you decide to have, suitable to how many guests you expect to arrive. Each pony has its own handler, and we can also provide a ‘MC’ to keep your party on track.
MLPP also supplies cooking facilities including BBQ, Pie Oven, Hot Plate, Microwave and storage fridge. A separate toilet and sink area is available for use.

What we will DO is set up the most wonderful children and pony adventure playground with loads of activities and bright colors. We will set up tables and chairs (your choice of tablecloth color) as well as a cooking / servery table. We will have the music turned on (you can bring your own USB or hook into your phone) and streaming thru the speakers around the arena.

Before the day we will provide you with a map and timetable for you to distribute to your guests so your day is set out and easy to manage. We will also send you a list of items we find guests most commonly used at Pony Parties.

What do YOU bring? What will YOU do?

You may decide to bring very little… It really just depends on your eating arrangements…
The simplest way seems to be party pies or mini pizzas in the pie oven and cocktail frankfurts on the hotplate. But some of the men folk like to fire up the BBQ (not on fire restriction days).

You may want to bring disposable cups, plates and cutlery, tomato / BBQ sauce etc. Chips or biscuits for snacks and large plates of ‘Fairy Bread’ … Note: the ponies LOVE Fairy Bread!

We suggest you bring an Esky with ice for your drinks and a Insulated Cooler Bag to transport your food.

How long does a Pony Party go for?

Pony Parties go from 2 hours until 4 hours.

Usually the Host (that’s you) arrives a little before everyone else to put the food in the fridge and have a quick walk thru of the facilities. Once your guests start arriving you’ll meet and chat with them in the Indoor Centre. When everyone is inside the ponies will be brought in.

We’ll introduce the beautiful ponies in their matching outfits and do a short talk on horse care & safety while the kids have a pat.

Now the real fun begins! All the children will have pony rides, swapping so they can have rides on different ponies. It’s a great way for children that are a little more nervous to gain confidence as they watch the others getting on and off.

Then we’ll play some pony games like bending, egg and spoon, apple bobbing, musical chairs, the PARTY game, stepping stones, pony soccer, and the Hula Hoop Relay-Race. The number of games played depends on the length of the party, number of ponies and guests etc.

(While this is happening party pies and sausage rolls are in the oven cooking)

The ponies will then be unsaddled, for the children to brush and plait, glitz and glamour, decorate with ribbons and bows for our final individual and group photos.

Once the ponies have had their fairy bread and left the Arena food can be served and of course the BIRTHDAY CAKE! Mums and Dads can take a seat and relax now as the children turn up the music and run around, copying all the activities the ponies did earlier..jumping showjumps, playing with the HUGE pony soccer balls, hula hoops etc etc

(We even do corporate bookings)