How do people choose pony ride providers?

We recommend you check your supplier has the following (My Little Party Ponies has all these bases covered – as you’d expect!)

  1. INSURANCE: Don’t just ask if they have it – ask for proof. It should be PONY RIDE INSURANCE. We receive a lot of our corporate work because we have the appropriate insurance.
  2. SAFETY: Are the ponies trained for THIS? Is the gear suitable, safe and maintained?
  3. EXPERIENCED STAFF: Not teenagers yawning as they they drag someone else’s ponies around.
  4. HEALTHY PONIES: Well behaved but not dead in the eyes. Not too skinny, feet maintained
  5. CARED FOR PONIES: Are the ponies, watered, travelled safely, given breaks – is the way they are treated the way you want YOUR children to treat animals?


What do My Little Party Ponies offer extra?

My Little Party Ponies is run by an Equestrian Australia NCAS Coach.
NCAS is the recognised National Coaching Accreditation Scheme for Australian Sports.

Jobs over 2 hours we bring an extra pony to ensure our ponies are all rested regularly.

What to expect at Your My Little Party Pony Event?

YOUR Little Party Pony will arrive before ‘Party’ time, to inspect the area for Your Little Pony. The more room, the more people can come to your special day! But never the mind, our ponies are used to small areas and even some footpaths along residential roads. A bit of pre-warning/ pre-planning and anything is possible!

Remember to leave us a parking area for our horse float so that Your Little Party Pony can be prepared and make a suitably spectacular appearance!

Once we have set up our area, Your Little Party Pony will step into the party with its glitter bridle, matching saddle blanket and boots, looking every bit as magical as the day should be. The guest of honour should be the first person to greet the pony, unless the party is a surprise of course!

Once the birthday child or guest of honour, has been introduced to Your Little Party Pony, everyone will get a chance to meet and pet our partilicious pony… Our ponies do LOVE their work! When the initial excitement has settled, all the children (and big children) will have an opportunity to ride. If time permits children can groom and glamour up Your Little Party Pony. From hoof to ears we provide brushes, glitter hoof paint and mane clips to create Your very own, unique Party Pony!

And our experienced staff know how to get the cutest photo opportunities from Your Little Party Pony! So BYO cameras!