My Little Party Pony

Experience a quality pony party

Pony rides (visits) are when our beautiful ponies are brought to your celebration. We stay for a set time and are the highlight of your party!

Looking for that extra special surprise for a Children’s Birthday Party, Celebration or School Fund Raiser? My Little Party Ponies are popular and unforgettable with kids of all ages for riding and patting. Whether it’s a corporate event or a private party, children LOVE pony rides. Watch them line up again and again for pony rides!

Why use My Little Party Ponies?

Our ponies are particularly quiet with confident temperaments.  In fact all of our ponies are members of our family, Our Staff members are experienced Instructors who care for and handle these ponies daily.

Why are our ponies so well behaved?

The ponies are specifically trained for children’s parties and fetes. They are more then happy to stand and be groomed and glamoured by children of all ages! All pony rides are hand lead, again our staff are experienced at leading our little guys – as well as huge race horses. With our leaders, your children will be safe and you can relax!

What does a ‘My Little Party Pony’ do?

My little pony (or ponies) will visit you and your friends to make your day fun and memorable. Our experienced staff will provide grooming tools, glitter, ribbons and decorations to create your own dream pony. Then we’ll saddle up and all have fantastic fun riding YOUR little pony! And there’ll be lots of opportunities for photos and videos – we know just how to pose our gorgeous ponies for those perfect portraits!